Ginisang Sardinas at Miswa

Ginisang sardinas is my go-to dish when I am pressed for time and need dinner in a hurry. The addition of miswa, however, is one tip I learned from a friend of mine who remembers her mother preparing this dish on regular basis. She states, “We were twelve kids in the family and money was tight when we were growing up. My mother had to be smart with her limited resources and this ginisang sardinas at miswa comfortably fed the bunch of us for less”.

Adding miswa is indeed a delicious way to extend a meal. Two ounces of miswa and you get far more servings from two small cans of sardines. Not only is this ginisang miswa at sardinas economical, it’s also quick and easy to make. I love it as a hearty breakfast in the morning, especially with a side of scrambled eggs and steamed rice. It’s comfort food at its best!

This ginisang sardinas at miswa soup is best enjoyed fresh and hot from the stove. If reheating leftovers, add more water and adjust salt and pepper to taste.

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