Filipino Mango and Tomato Salad

I have at least five types of fruit salsas I look forward to during the summer months when most produce are at their finest. Every version is made with different combinations of fruits as well as dressings, making each salsa a whole new experience. Here they are below and my peeps, you need to check them out and experience their deliciousness. Do it, DO it! You’ll thank me later.

Pineapple Salsa

These juicy concoctions are all my top indulgences come warmer weather but this! This Filipino mango and tomato salad has total hold of my Filipina ♥. The crisp mangoes, the plump tomatoes, the pungent onions, the scent of fresh cilantro, the sweet and salty vinegar-fish sauce dressing all come together into one large bowl of awesome flavors and textures. We usually serve this mango salsa as accompaniment for grilled/fried meat and seafood but it’s so so so good, I can eat it straight up with a spoon (or a shovel, judging by the mouthfuls I take).

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